Me and Jonny Burns – June 1, 2006 for the launch of Lat34.

So you’d like to know more about Greg — well here you go:

I popped into the world in Panama City, Panama, to American parents who worked for the US Government. I was raised in the Canal Zone, a unique childhood indeed, before escaping to Fullerton, CA in 1989 to attend CSUF.

At CSUF I met my future wife and studied screenwriting. I also started working at the literary/talent agency David Shapira & Associates in Van Nuys as an agent’s assistant and got my first taste of the entertainment industry.

After graduating from CSUF, I attended Loyola Marymount University to further my screenwriting studies. At the same time, I started my new media career, joining the Orange County, Calif., web development company EMC (now defunct). I was also one of the original “guides” upon the launch of (then known as The Mining Company) in 1997.

The entertainment industry was still a big part of my life and I worked for Dreamworks as a PA during pilot season. I learned how TV shows were made and got to witness a dramatic period in the company’s life.

zap2it_screenshot.jpgBut the Internet was calling and I left Dreamworks and joined the staff of TV website, where I was promoted to the role of executive producer within seven months.

After UltimateTV was sold to Tribune Media Services (TMS), I was tasked with the development of the next iteration of the site., a TV/movie site, launched in May, 2000 and quickly grew into the top entertainment destinations on the web.

While executive producer, I continued writing and contributing to the site, while directing a staff of reporters. I also represented the site and served as an expert on radio shows across the US, including a weekly stint on KPCC in Pasadena.

In 2002 when I was promoted to executive director of online products for TMS, overseeing the site and the online relationships it shared with hundreds of partners, including Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Knight Ridder. In short, I was the really big cheese.

During my tenure, I led to new highs in traffic, with the site growing 79% in unique visitors, to more than 3 million, and passing competitors and in that metric for the first time in history. (sorry, I sort of lifted that from my resume but it’s cool)

ohio.jpgI left Zap2it in December 2004 when my wife was offered an executive position in the Museum world in Cleveland, OH. There, this tropical-born guy got his first taste of living in winter as the region received record snowfall. I loved it.

tmz_screenshot.jpgIn Cleveland I began consulting on a full-time basis and my largest client was AOL, which was developing a new entertainment site back in Los Angeles with production company Telepictures.

Months of traveling ensued and the result was one of the most exciting projects any new media/entertainment veteran would ever hope to be associated with: the gossip site I worked as a senior project manager on the launch and could fill up a book with what I experienced, if I were not sworn to secrecy. But I’ll tell you if you ask.

lat34_screenshot.jpgFollowing, I hooked up again with AOL on another project: an action sports website. I led the launch of Lat34 in three short weeks and since then have grown my duties to include all day-to-day content programming in addition to site operations. The site continues to grow, launching a new design in April 2008.

My work at Lat34 led to a side gig writing episodes of action sports programming covering the AST Dew Tour for OceanWatch. That has been a blast and brought me back to my screenwriting roots.

My wife and I returned to Los Angeles after Lat34 launched and we have settled in Altadena, next to Pasadena, where my wife has a five-minute commute to JPL and we have a huge yard for our dogs and enough space for our soon-to-be-born son.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Where do I go from here? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. But it’s been pretty fun so far!


Saying goodbye Zap2it in December 2004